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This collection of objects includes works completed between 1994 to 2014. Metal work & jewelry courses in high school & college provided a foundational understanding of soldering, casting, and the physical & chemical behaviors and properties of metals. I received certification as a jewelry technician through my study with Alan Revere at the Revere Academy (San Francisco) in 2015 (stone setting, engraving, gems, etc.) These items are  independent sketches, studies, models, and explorations from windows of time when I had access to a jewelry studio. Special thanks to my teachers: Nancy Montgomery, Billie-Jean Theide, and Alan Revere.


Various objects in metal & wood. 2009–2014.
Pendants, brooches, sketches & studies in metal, boxes, rings, bracelets, objects. 

“Torn paper” ring, 1998, silver

“Torn Paper” Ring. 1998. Jewelry 1, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with Billie Jean Theide.

Silver pendant, 2012

Untitled. Pendant. Silver. 2009.


Untitled. Ring. Silver. 2009.

House vase, 2010

House box/bud vase with hinged lid. Copper. 2009.

Bracelet, steel wire, thread, 2010

Bracelet. Steel wire and thread. 2010.

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