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The Lines Between

My friend Kate and I collaborated on an art correspondence project throughout 2019. One of us would create a work and mail it to the other. The recipient would then create and mail a responding work in return. Kate thought of “Duodecim” to title our project (latin for twelve) to signify the 12 pairs of artworks (expression & response) for the year. That project can be viewed here.

Upon the project’s completion, I wanted to create a gift for her to commemorate its conclusion but also to capture our correspondence. It seemed opportune to create a published document of our emails which documented the project from genesis to completion. This way, we could have a physical document of all that transpired between the artworks themselves. We could turn actual pages and go back to our thoughts and words without scrolling through lists of emails and squinting at a digital screen.

I titled this book “The Lines Between.” It speaks of the strands of connection in our friendship that bundle-up and fortify the friendship over time. And of the multitude of lines written between us during our project. These lines of thought and expression are what give context and fuller meaning to our monthly, culminating, nodes of artwork. These nodes rise above the surface... visible... the lines silently below surface, submerged, unseen, holding root... or, simply, off-stage in the wings.

Kate often uses gold leaf in her work. Through our collaboration a theme of the golden thread emerged. Thus a golden thread was used to bind these pages.

I printed, bound, and crafted two copies of Duodecim: The Lines Between which include the box, book, and image pamphlet. One resides with Kate in Yorkshire. The other, here, in Honolulu.

Hand made brass batons and boxes
Golden thread symbolized a lasting line of friendship woven through the correspondence and artworks over time. Intentionally left exposed and unfinished.
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